Venus Illustration

Roman Goddess: Venus
Greek name: Aphrodite

Some say Venus, the goddess of love, might have been one of the daughters of Jupiter, king of all the gods. But the truth is that nobody really knows who her father and mother were, or even if she had a father and mother. She simply appeared one day. The gods were magical. Anything could happen!

Venus was married. Her husband was the mighty god Vulcan. Vulcan was the son of Jupiter and Juno, king and queen of the gods. Venus, as the goddess of love, was powerful in her own right. But she was also powerful because her in-laws were the king and queen of the gods. Venus had a son. His name was Cupid. Venus was one of the Dei Consentes, the Roman Council of 12, the 12 major gods in ancient Rome.

Myths about Venus show that she could be kind or merciless. To be fair to Venus, she was not at all like Mars, the god of war. Mars loved to cause pain and havoc just for the fun of it. Venus only caused havoc accidentally, or if you did something that angered her.

For example, if you believe the old myths, it was not a quarrel over land or goods, but was instead Venus' vanity that caused the Trojan War. To find out what happened, read the story of Venus and the Queen.

Venus and the Queen