The Myth of Pandora for Kids Illustration

The Myth of Pandora

The story of Pandora is from the Greeks. Not all Greek myths became Roman myths. Some they did not copy or alter, but left to the Greeks.

Perhaps this myth never made it into Roman mythology because the Romans were, in their own way, very practical. It would not make sense to them for a punishment, especially a punishment from the king of all the gods, that would release massive evil on the world, a world that included the Roman people. The Roman gods were believed to protect and assist the Romans, not to cause them destruction. It was not the Roman way of thinking about their gods.

As far as we know, the myth of Pandora as the Greeks told it did not make its way into Roman mythology. But, in case someone assigns you this myth in your study of ancient Rome, here is the Greek version: Pandora and the Locked Box (some say a locked Jar)

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