Myths about the Roman goddess Juno for Kids Illustration

Roman Goddess: Juno
Greek Name: Hera

Juno was married to Jupiter. She was the queen of all the gods, and also the goddess of marriage. The Romans adopted Juno from the Greeks. The Greeks called her Hera. Although the Romans enjoyed the Greek myths about Queen Hera, they treated some of these myths with a "not much truth in them really, but aren't they fun" kind of attitude. The Romans changed her personality.

  • In Greek myth, Hera often behaved as a dangerously jealous, petty queen of the heavens, who was not nice at all, and spent a great deal of her time getting even, whether the slights were imagined or real.
  • In Roman mythology, Juno was the beloved goddess of marriage, and was worshipped by Roman women as a housewife and mother and matron. Although Juno watched over all Roman women, her special concern was Roman married women.

Juno's temples were mostly in Rome. Every March 1st, there was a big festival in ancient Rome, to honor Juno. It was a very serious affair. Roman women counted on Juno to watch out for them.

Still, even the best of wives get jealous now and then. One myth about Juno that did make it into Roman mythology pretty much unchanged was the myth of Jupiter, Juno, and Little Io.

Jupiter, Juno, and Little Io - Roman myth