Ancient Roman Gods and Myths for Kids and Teachers Illustration

Ancient Roman Gods

Jupiter was the most powerful of the gods. Should he have to bring order, he would hurl a thunderbolt. Jupiter was not afraid of anyone or anything. He was the king of the gods, the ultimate authority, and his word was final. Share in the adventure of Jupiter, Juno, and Little Io.

Juno was the sister and wife of Jupiter, and thus, the Queen. Juno watched over all the women of Rome.

Neptune, the lord of the sea, was the brother of Jupiter. Neptune was very powerful. He was also quite moody. One minute he'd be sparking and sunny, and the next he would rage and crash about. People were terrified of Neptune, especially the people who made their home along the coast.

Pluto, another brother of Jupiter, was the lord of the underworld. Come visit the River Styx! Find out what happened to the world when the gloomy Pluto fell in love.

Mars, Jupiter's son, was the god of war. Nobody liked Mars, much, not even his own brothers and sisters. He was tall and handsome and cruel and vain. The only person who liked Mars at all was Venus (the wife of Vulcan.)

Mercury was Jupiter's son and the messenger of the gods. Things were always going on in the roman mythical world. The job of messenger to the gods allowed Mercury to have the inside scoop on just about everything. There was a warmth about Mercury. The other gods trusted him.In fact, if it was not for Mercury, Apollo would not have his harp.

Apollo was Jupiter's son and god of the sun, light and music. Come meet Apollo's Oracle at Delphi. Find out what happened when Apollo fell in love with Cassandra.

Diana was goddess of the hunt and Apollo's twin sister. She was cold and ruthless. She loved her dogs, though. They loved her.

Minerva was the goddess of wisdom. Read how Minerva outsmarted her famous uncle, the powerful Neptune.

Vesta was the goddess of hearth and home, and Juno's sister. Juno, queen of the gods, watched over Roman women. Vesta watched over their homes and children.

Bacchus was the god of wine and civilization, law and calm. Read the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch. Learn how Bacchus escaped from the pirates and met his true love.

Ceres was the goddess of the harvest, and Juno's other sister. Discover what the ancients thought was the reason for the seasons.

Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. Venus did not set out to start the Trojan War, but that's what happened all the same.

Vulcan was the son of Jupiter and Juno, and the husband of Venus, the goddess of love. Vulcan made the first woman out of clay. He named her Pandora.

Hercules was another of Jupiter's sons, although his mother was a mortal. Hercules was half man, half god, and very strong. Hercules had great adventures, discovered true friends, and rid the world of some really nasty critters.

Cupid was the son of Venus, the goddess of love. He carried a bow and arrow to shoot people. When you were shot with Cupid's arrow, you fell in love with the very next person you saw. It was not until Cupid fell in love that he found true happiness.

Orpheus was the son of Apollo and Calliope. He was the most famous musician in the ancient world. The story of Eurydice and Orpheus is a famous love story.

Pandora was the first woman formed out of clay by the gods. Jupiter ordered Vulcan to create her. Read the story of Pandora's Box.

Pegasus was a winged horse who could fly. People were always trying to steal Pegasus, which caused them no end of trouble!

Cerberus was the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld. Cerberus was friendly to those arriving. He only became dangerous to those trying to leave without permission.

Two-Faced Janus was the god of the threshhold, protecting doorways and gates and entry points. His job was to keep homes and buildings safe from evil spirits.

The Muses were the 9 daughters of Jupiter and Mnomosyne. They made such beautiful music with their singing that it brought joy to everyone who heard them. The Muses were patrons of the arts and sciences.