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When in Rome lesson plan (elementary and middle school)

Roman Gods (Tes)

Gods and Goddesses (free download, school history, worksheet)

Mythology for the Classroom (3 lessons, Greek and Roman) 

Roman Religion, Walk the Plank game, interactive

Greek and Roman Myths in Art (7 activities, downloads with all info, from the fabulous Getty) - Includes:

  • AttributesóClues as to Who's Who In this treasure hunt-like activity, students learn to recognize mythical characters in a story by identifying the unique clothes, weapons, or other objectsócalled attributesóthat they wear or carry.
  • Characters, Actions, and Settings Students read an episode from a myth and then search for the painting that depicts the same scene. They explore the ways an artist depicts written words visually.
  • Creating a Monster Students read a description of a mythic monster and search for the monster in a work of art. They then draw their own monster and write a story about it.
  • Lasting Traditions Students compare how artists have depicted the same goddess over the centuries.
  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words Students study facial expression and gesture in paintings and explore how artists use these tools to tell a story.
  • Body Language Students compare two statues of the same god and consider how the artists used body language to create similarities and differences in mood and expression.
  • Postcard Memories Students write a postcard to a friend or their family describing their visit to the Getty and telling them about a character or myth they learned about.

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