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Ancient Rome
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Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities, and Projects: In ancient Rome, like many of the ancient cultures, religion affected every aspect of their daily life. But so did politics. Under the Republic, they loved to hear the great orators down in the Forum, the central marketplace, while they did their shopping and visited a temple or two. It was a great place to meet friends and catch up on all the gossip.

Our Lesson Plans

Rome as a Republic (SPQR):  Can you save the Roman Republic?  (Roman Reforms)

Julius Caesar: Gossip at the Forum (classroom play, 1-2 class periods)

Roman Emperors: Which emperor would you choose to be your leader?

Daily Life: Compare daily life under the Republic and under the Empire - what changed and what stayed the same?

Ask Mr. Donn: Ancient Rome Interactive Quiz Questions with Answers for Kids and Teachers

Activities and Projects by many teachers

Over 90 Ancient Rome Activities and Projects  - These activities can be adjusted for any grade. We hope you'll find some ideas you can use in your classroom.

Lesson Plans under each Topic, many with activities:

Geography (several lesson plans)

Romulus & Remus

The Etruscans (Rome as a Kingdom)

Roman Expansion - Roads, Legion, Provinces

Punic Wars and Hannibal

Roman Republic - SPQR

Cicero, Caesar, Fall of the Republic

Roman Empire & Emperors

Roman Empire Splits & the Fall of Rome

Gods, Goddesses, Myths - several lesson plans

Rise of Christianity - several lesson plans

Holidays and Festivals

Daily Life, Homes, Women, School (many lesson plans)

Roman Entertainment - Circuses, Coliseums, Gladiators, Theatre - several lesson plans

Art & Architecture - several lesson plans

Achievements, Inventions

Ancient Rome Unit (Mr. Roughton)

Ancient Rome Review Activity (Mrs. Masters)

Choose Your Own Adventure - Suggested Classroom Activities

City of Ancient Rome - Free Resources (bbc)

Teaching Ideas, Free Resources

Ancient Rome - Overviews and Units

Interactive Online Games for Kids about Ancient Rome 

Free Use PowerPoints about Ancient Rome

Free Ancient Rome Video Clips

Ancient Rome Clipart

Free Apps for the iPad

Special Section for Kids and Teachers: Rome in the Middle Ages