Breakfast - Ancient Rome for Kids and Teachers Illustration

in Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans believed it was important to start their day with breakfast.

Lower class Romans would breakfast on bread with maybe some cheese or olives added.  The bread was dipped in wine to soften it.  If a workman was in a hurry or running late, he might stop at a bread shop to grab a loaf to eat on the way.  Bread was so important to the ancient Romans that they gave bread away free of charge to unemployed Roman people.  This, plus free admission to the gladiatorial contests, gave rise to the term bread and circuses.

Upper class Romans had a slightly different breakfast.  They might have some type of meat or fish, and fresh fruit or vegetables to go with their bread.  They did not have sugar so they used honey to sweeten their food.  They ate lying down on couches.  Since there was no such thing as forks, they had slaves to cut their food and clean up afterwards.  There was always a wet towel to wash with after any meal, including breakfast.



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