Ancient Rome - Roman Baths for Kids and Teachers Illustration

The Roman Baths

Bathing was very important to the ancient Romans.  Romans would visit the public baths every day, even holy and feast days.  Each public bathhouse either had separate pools for men and women or had different hours for men and women. At one time, there were over 800 public baths in ancient Rome.

The bathhouse was more than just a place to wash.  It was similar to what shopping malls are today.  It was a place to meet friends, a place where you could get something to eat, a place to workout, even a place to read the day's news.  You could even get your hair cut and styled.  Inside the bathhouse were both hot and cold pools, saunas, workout rooms, reading rooms, restaurants and hair salons.  And of course there were many slaves to pamper you.

Unlike our shopping malls today, you had to pay to enter the public bath.  Children and slaves were not supposed to enter, but if you had enough money or power you could bring your personal slaves with you. 

The bathhouse was a very important part of every Roman's day.

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