Jupiter Illustration

Roman God: Jupiter
Greek Name: Zeus


The Romans loved to tell stories about the magical family who ruled the heavens. The Romans truly believed that their gods could interfere in their lives, to help or hinder them.

According to ancient Roman myth, Jupiter was the king of all the gods. Jupiter had two brothers and three sisters. When Saturn, their father, died, the boys - Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto - divided the world up between themselves. Jupiter took all of the heavens, Neptune took the sea, and Pluto took the underworld. Each was quite content with their selection.

DIFFERENT: One of the differences between Greek and Roman myth is that in Greek myth, Zeus was controlled in part by the Fates. His was a self appointed position. He could have been ousted by the other gods, not that they ever tried it or wanted it. Jupiter was the god supreme. He ruled heaven and earth and all life. Jupiter listened to his various advisors. He might even assign one of the other gods to make a decision. But the final word was always his.

SIMILAR: The Greek and Roman god (Zeus/Jupiter) also have similarities. Both were married to their sister. Both were fond of their children. The children of both had special magical powers. They both had more power than any other god. They could both shape shift, and look like any mortal or animal they chose. They both threw lightening bolts. And they both loved their flying horse, Pegasus.