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Ancient Rome


If you had lived in ancient times, would you have chosen to become a Roman citizen? You might have! The ancient Romans invented more games than any other culture. Read the story of Romulus and Remus. Meet the great Roman gods and read some Roman myths! Investigate how Emperor Nero won a chariot race in the Circus Maximus. Find out what the ancient Romans did all day!

Roman Kingdom

Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks, Romans

Geography, Natural Resources, Maps


The Etruscans

Romulus & Remus

Gods & Goddesses

Roman Council of 12 Gods

Roman Myths

How the planets got their names

Patricians & Plebeians

Pater Familias, Family

Horatius at the Bridge

Roman Republic

Republic Government


12 Tables

Crime and Justice in Ancient Rome

Daily Life

Roman Houses

Clothing & Hair Styles

The Forum

The Baths

Kids & School

Wedding Customs

Roman Mosaics

Roman Legion

Roman Letters Home, Inscriptions

Roman Roads

Provinces, Expansion

The Romans in Britain

The Aeneid by Virgil

Hannibal, Punic Wars

Julius Caesar


Republic Fails


Roman Empire

Roman Emperors

Pax Romana


Roman Calendar

Status of Women


Afternoon, Siestas



Holidays & Festivals

Daily Life in the Country

The Campus

Pantomime, Theatre

Circus Maximus, Chariot Races

Roman Art

Roman Architecture

Roman Numerals





Rise of Christianity

Two Roman Empires

Barbarians Attack

Rome Falls (Review)

Achievements, Contributions

Overview of Roman Government

Grand Pantheon


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