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What was daily life like in Rome?

Despite the many manuscripts, letters, speeches and inscriptions we have found, there are many things about daily life in Rome we don't know.  We really don't know what the Romans did with trash around the house.  Did they just throw it outside, or did they have trash people to pick it up?  Were cats pets or just used to catch rodents (rats and mice)?  These and many other questions still remain to be answered.

We do know, however, a lot about how Rome was governed.  We know a lot about Roman gods.  We know quite a bit about some of its famous emperors and generals.  We know how Rome grew from a small farming village to a huge crowded, busy city where the rich had large homes with slaves to take care of them and the poor lived in tenement apartments with free food from the government.  We know how people dressed and mostly what they did for jobs.  We know quite a bit about the Roman legions and how they fought.  And we know some of what Romans did during the day such as school, work, siesta, visiting the baths and the marketplace in the forum.

The ancient Romans started their day with breakfast.

Then, they got dressed to go out.

The kids went school.

Once they got dressed, the adults might wander down to the Forum to do their shopping and banking.

Next stop, the baths!

Every day included a trip to a temple or two.

In the afternoon, wealthy Romans took some time to rest at home.  The poor worked constantly.

When the kids got home from school, they played with their friends, their toys, and their pets.

Dinner was different for the rich and the poor.

But all Romans could enjoy the spectacles.
Admission was free!

Roman slaves did most of the work

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